Stumble Guys Tips and Tricks, Mastering The Maps(Part 2)

Here we are, Folks; after the Tips and Tricks1 mastering the maps, We are ready to Unleash the secrets of Stumble Guys once again. Are You ready, too? We hope you have enjoyed the Tips and Tricks in part one and you must be winning the maps conveniently, and during this, you have increased your skill level from an amateur to an Expert.

After going through this article, you will be able to polish your skills further and achieve a Pro level of skills, so without further ado, let’s get into mastering the maps. Please also check here for more Tips and Tricks 3

Lava Land (mastering the Maps)

  • One more elimination map: the key to success is to be an early mover. You have to survive till the end.
  • Choose the highest tile and jump on it before any other player.
  • Tiles will gradually sink in the lava, so plan your next move.
  • While tiles are dissolving, don’t panic. Wait patiently until the end and then jump on to the next tile.
  • If you wait, you have time to skip the first tile, which will be crowded, and you can choose to jump on the second tile; this will work for a short time.
  • After this, you must jump onto the first appearing tile near your sinking tile as the sinking speed will increase.
stumble guys mastering the maps

Bot Bash

stumble guys elimination map
  • Another beautiful elimination map: survive till the end; the first thing to do on this map is to avoid contact with Paint at any cost.
  •  Keep yourself near the center in the beginning. Or Paint will throw you out immediately.
  •  Then, you must be careful around the crawling insects using the jump to save yourself.
  • Stay away from these little bugs.
  •  Following the above patterns would help if you were near the map’s boundary walls when all the paint guns were throwing Paint.
  • Staying near the boundary will give you freedom of movement and more time to save yourself from the paint guns.
  •  Use your jumping skills with perfect timing to survive.

Tile Fall

  • An easy and small map needs quick reflexes and sharp skills to jump and dive.
  • Try not to jump in the start, and stay behind to avoid getting pushed.
  • Avoid being crowded; everyone will try to be in the safest place simultaneously.
  •  Join others when only 3 to 4 tiles are left; move quickly.
  • When 2 or 3 tiles are gone, that will be the perfect time to make you noce to get ahead and win.
  •  To increase the chances of a victory, jump and dive from the second last tile to the green floor.
stumble guys race map

Humble Stumble

humble stumble
  • This map has three options to move forward: choose whichever you like the most, left, right, and center.
  •  In general center path is more crowded, so the best options are left or right, which are much safer.
  •  Trampolines will be used, and you should be pro-active and vigilant not to be rammed by opponents.
  •  To cover the distance, jumping onto the next trampoline safely will be the edge-use dive.
  •  To pass the next obstacle, go towards the box. Whichever is moving outwards, you will have space to cross it.
  •  Moving towards the next box, use extra border space to your advantage and navigate from the side.
  •  On to the rotating rods, use good hand-eye coordination, and jump with a dive to cross the obstacles.

Block Dash

  • This is another exciting elimination map you have to survive without falling off the floor; use tips and tricks to become a pro.
  •  Blocks will come towards you. Learn this trick if you are stuck behind a block and unable to pass it: stand still and let the block push you towards the edge; as soon as you see yourself falling from the edge, press jump and then use dive towards the platform; it’s tricky and needs practice.
  •  If you jump and hit the blocks with thorns, you will be thrown in the air like a free fall. Eventually, you will cross the block with controlled movement.
  •  There will be weak blocks with visible cracks in these blocks. You can break them by hitting them.
  •  You can also climb on top of the blocks, and by using jump and dive can stay on top for a short while.
elimination maps

Paint Splash

  • Start diving as soon as the round starts, move towards the right side, and go through the first obstacle.
  •  As soon as you start moving on the right side, the roller will move towards the left, offering you an opening to cross.
  •  The next obstacle is the fan; crossing it will be a matter of timing and precision.
  •  Use the jump and dive combination to cross it and master all the tips and tricks.
  •  Rollers can be crossed by jumping on them,, or you can maneuver through the the side to cross it safely.
  •  Now, three more fans, after crossing the first fan either from the left or right side next two can be struck from the sides, which requires more skills.
  •  If you have good practice, run on the blue floor after crossing a single fan, and then you can jump and dive on the arrow signals signs on the sides and cross this pair of fans from either side with this trick.
  •  On to the pop-up and disappearing platforms, observe the timings to cross them easily. The disappeared platform will take some time to pop back.

Lost Temple

  • Watch the movement of axes and clear this obstacle using jump and dive when required; you must sharpen your skills with these tips and tricks.
  •  For crossing spears you can go through any of the three paths by observing the timings of popping spears.
  •  The best trick is to go towards the left side spears area and run on the extreme edge spears won’t hit you there.
  •  Jumping on the top of a red wall is also possible here.
  •  Rolling thorn logs are easy to navigate by jumping.
  •  Now, the most challenging obstacle is the punch. You need to use all your abilities and skills to cross them.
  •  You can Jump on the punch and then jump and dive to cross the next one; repeat these steps, and you are through.
  •  For rolling stone, you need good timing and diving from the sides. Good hand-eye coordination is required. Accessible after a bit of practice.

Stumble Soccer

stumble guys-map
  • Here you can enjoy playing football with your team and opponents.
  •  Go after any single Ball and keep pushing it towards the goal.
  •  Hitting the ball with your character will cause the ball to move a little further.
  •  Hitting the ball with a dive will make it go much further.
  •  You can also become a goalkeeper if no other goalkeeper can save the goals.
  •  Just follow the ball and keep pushing it towards the goal.
  •  It’s a team match, so other players also have to perform.
  •  Jump and Dive in the goal all the way, and you will be spawned back in the field.


Stumble guys is unique in many ways, the best thing is innovation and creativity in the gameplay, every now and then game brings new and different ideas in to Stumble guys, which makes it one of the best games in this category. We hope this article will help you in mastering the maps.

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