Stumble Guys Tips and Tricks, Mastering The Maps (Part1)

Stumble Guys is an incredibly fun and exciting mobile game that combines platforming and racing at your fingertips. However, dozens of maps, each with unique challenges, can be daunting for newcomers. Fear not! We’ve compiled helpful stumble guys tips and tricks all maps tailored for each map to help you navigate them like a pro.

You have to master the skills mentioned in these tips and tricks; only practice can make you the master of these maps; after reading and practicing these tips and tricks, you will be able to navigate as water flows through the rocks; let’s dive in!

Honey Drop (Tips and Tricks)

  • This is another elimination map; everyone will keep falling, try not to fall, and survive.
  • In this map, you only need to use the following tips and tricks cleverly.
  • You need to follow your path; don’t follow your opponent’s; push them away if they come close.
  • Keep moving without pausing, and avoid mixing up with the crowd.
  • The more weight on the tiles, the more they fall.
  • Avoid going through Sticky tiles with honey scattered all over them. It will slow you down.
  • Remember dive will not be effective on the sticky tiles. Jump is also not that useful here only if you feel like jumping.
stumble guys maps tips and tricks

Over and Under

stumble guys-map
  • Of all the maps in the gameplay, It is one of the most accessible maps.
  •  You need good hand-eye coordination with the use of jump and dive.
  •  Use whichever you like; both the sides left and right, are the same at the start, and green rods are easy to cross either from over the rod or under them.
  •  After rods, boxes with up and down movement should be reached when they are up; this way, jumping and diving will be more effective.
  •  The next obstacle is short green walls and light green hectically moving lots of short rods. To cross these, jump on the temporary green static fence, and from there, jump on the next one and use a dive to cover more distance and pass it.
  •  Move from the center towards the hammer; it is easy to navigate through; you can go either full speed or through, breaking your run.
  •  Climb the last obstacle from lower to higher using a jump and complete the race.

Icy Heights

  • Dive as soon as the game starts, maneuver through opponents to gain the lead, and handle your opponents proactively.
  •  When the game starts, align center and slide, and by jumping, try to land on the high jump pod to jump further and generate a lead in the start.
  •  Pass through the first obstacle with speed by jumping over it; it requires good maneuvering skills; you can either jump onto the jumping pod and then jump and dive to cover the distance or use the jump and dive option to catch up and cover the distance quickly.
  •  It’s tricky and needs practice. While using jump and dive, you can slide on yellowish color pipes at the right and left edge of the snowy path; if you get this trick, opportunities are endless.
  •  Use slide and jump to dodge giant snowballs. Again, yellowish pipe can also be used.
  •  After dodging snowballs, jump and dive, and you will start sliding; all the obstacles can be cleared while maintaining the speed using jump and dive; in the end, try to land on the trampoline ouch the finish line.

Space Race

  • This is one of the most challenging maps; completing this map requires a lot of patience and expertise.
  •  Choose the left side to navigate through the rock; you can hit your character with moving objects with the help of jump and slide.
  •  Hit the first satellite that comes your way. It will toss you up, and you can land on the rock at left.
  •  You can jump on the yellowish plants surrounding blue rings and jump and dive forward to the next point; you can also trick over these planets.
  •  At the end, you will reach floating platforms; watch the distance to these panels. If it’s near, one jump will be enough; if it is far, then three jumps are required.
  •  Watch the destination when going through the hyper tunnel; choose the center tunnel after a single tunnel. This way, you will have more options to land. There will be three landing spots.
  •  There is only one right spot to land: that is the final checkpoint.


  • Yet another slightly easy map in the game; it’s an elimination map. The Last man standing will be the winner. here are few tips and tricks.
  •  The pirate ships will fire cannon shots at short intervals and watch for the landing bombs.
  •  Avoid getting hit by cannons, stay precisely at the opposite side and far from the pirate ship to be safe.
  •  Red tiles in the center are also safe for a short time; you can stand on them and pass some time safely.
  •  You can push other players in front of bombs to eliminate them from this round same can be happen with you.
  •  You also you can also jump on the bombs. Push the bombs by hitting them with jump and dive tricks.
  •  Each bomb takes 6 to 7 seconds to explode; keep the counting in mind and move away timely before the explosion.

Pivot Push

  • Try To start moving from forward through the right side. here are few tips and tricks.
  •  Rotating doors will open easily when more players are pushing these gates.
  •  Use jump and dive frequently, make space to move forward keep pushing.
  •  The next platform has three tiles moving up and down; it’s easy to climb on it when it is lower; if it is moving higher, you can mount it by jumping on the yellowish pipe at the edge and diving, then jumping on the tile. This way, you don’t have to stop.
  •  The first swinging ball and then the swinging hammer are fast, and the third one is slowly turning; it’s easy the pass; go through them using dive carefully and timely.
  •  Here comes the speedy rotating hammers, soon as you pass through them, use dive to gain speed to reach the trampoline.
  •  Aim for the trampoline and try to land on it, and then use a big jump and cross the last obstacle, use a dive to cross it, and win the race.

Floor Flip

  • Just start and keep running. Keep moving momentarily on the first three platforms, or you will fall. Choose space and use dive as much as possible. Keep yourself aligned on the white line in case the platform is crowded.
  •  Watch the timing on rotating blocks it needs good use of skills and timing to pass over them. Try to go through by jump and dive technique on the center block to gain lead.
  •  The hammer is easy to pass if you time your move appropriately.
  •  Towards the next obstacle, follow the player in front and see him jumping from the trampoline onto the seesaw platform in front, or else you will fall from the seesaw; it will move down to an angle where climbing will not be possible.
  •  Seesaw tiles will shift the angle by the weight of the players.
  •  At the last seesaw platform before the finish line, jump on it and move towards the higher side to reach the final floor.

Lava Rush

  • This is a tricky but not that problematic map; anything above the lave can go forward. You will need all your skills and brains to finish it.
  •  Going straight will require jump and dive skills, and it’s challenging to execute.
  •  Going from left is easy, but watch for the lava balls.
  •  Also watch for the boiling lava flares coming from the lava sea below.
  •  Use the dive; remember, with practice, you can change the angle of your dive in mid-air.
  •  First, jump while running; when in the air, change your angle and press for dive simultaneously.
  •  Use spaces on the edges of the accessible boundaries to walk over them to move forward.
  •  Run through rotating thorn log, jump when required.
  •  Watch for fiery fireballs and dodge them to complete the run.

Jungle Roll

  • Jungle Roll is another little competitive map. It’s not difficult either; easy, it’s tricky. here are few tips and tricks.
  •  As the map starts, moving towards the right side is better if you want to win the first position.
  •  The first obstacle is mud, and stones are placed here and there for crossing. Easy to cross with jump and slide.
  •  Next are two massive rotating logs with obstacles requiring precision and timely moves.
  •  It can be cleared while moving through the center by jumping and sliding, or if you have already practiced and have sharpened skills on you, on the first one, you can glide through from the right side, and on the second, from the left. Watch the long jump if the log is fished or jump if the log is still available to move on.
  •  Then, jump in the mud by jumping on stones and sliding where required.
  •  Up and down, moving walls are easy to cross from under.


No doubt this game is a blast of fun; we hope these tips and tricks will make your journey in this game more exciting and pleasurable. The key here is “Practice” more you practice more skilled you will be, and with high level of skills you can pull off these tips and tricks.

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