Stumble Guys Home Screen: A Guide to Icons & Their Functions

Stumble guys home screen holds all the game settings and preferences. Depending on your Game Journey, the level screen may differ slightly, especially the background. The main screen is your master control panel. Click on any of the icons on the screen to navigate to any other option. On this main page, you will find details about all the functions. Stumble Guys main screen offers a clean and vibrant screen; it includes all the essential functions in the Game, which can be accessed through the Icons and banners visible on it. Visit the link for more similar content for a Complete guide on Stumble Guys Setting.

For your understanding, I have included the stumble guys home screen Icons and also included the first screen that appears after you click the icon. If you are interested to know, How to play Stumble guys on PC & laptop check out the link.

Stumble Guys Home Screen

stumble guys home screen

Stumble Guys Home Screen & Icons Description

stumble guys settings icon


This gear Icon is available at top tight side of the stumble guys home screen, after clicking this Icon, it will display settings menu screen. Which typically includes language, Servers, Display, Music, Servers, Inputs and few other settings related to stumble guys game play.

stumble guys settings
stumble guys player profile icon

Player Profile

You can find this icon on top left side of the stumble guys home screen, This Icon shows players profile, after clicking this icon you will land on Your profile. The skin you have selected will be displayed on this button and also on the main screen.

stumble guys player profile
stumble guys customize icon


Icon to Customize your characters is on the left of stumble guys home screen, it offers character color customizations, Skins, Emotes, animations and footsteps, which are used by the character you select to play the game.

stumble guys customize
stumble guys friends icon

Friends List

You can find this icon on left side of the home screen, by using this you can add your friends in the game, and you can play Stumble Guys with your friends from the list you’ve added.

stumble guys friends
stumble guys workshop icon

Stumble Workshop

Stumble Guys Workshop is an in-game platform which offers “Stumble Guys” participants to design, build and share original course creations. It is a easy to use editing platform for the community to get creative and design there own maps and play them.

stumble guys workshop
stumble guys party icon


Party feature in Stumble Guys are rooms, created by Stumble Guys players. You can create your own room, you get 2 choices, which are “Normal Game” and “Custom Game”. If you choose Normal Game then you only need an invitation to someone for entering in your room, no setting is required only a code will be Required. You can also join your friends party. it is placed at lower left bottom of stumble guys home screen.

stumble guys party
stumble guys missions icon

Stumble Mission

In Stumble Guys A daily mission is a recurring objective that players can complete once per day to earn different rewards. Each daily mission has its own reward, and once completed, the player can collect their reward. There will be a milestone gauge that will fill as the player completes missions.

stumble guys missions
stumble guys news icon

News & Videos

By clicking on this icon which is placed at the top. You will able to keep yourself updated with news and latest videos released by stumble guys. You can find this at left to center on top of stumble guys home screen.

stumble guys news
stumble guys ranking icon


By using this icon you can check the latest rankings of players locally and globally, You can see and follow top ranking players and learn new things.

stumble guys ranking
stumble guys shop icon


As clearly visible and named. This is in game shop where you can purchase all the goodies , tokens gems and with them skins emotes etc. This will ease your journey through the game.

stumble guys shop
stumble guys stumblejourney

Stumble Journey

This Icon shows players Journey through the game, goodies collected, and the level he is on, after clicking this icon you can see details of your journey.

stumble guys player journey
stumble guys tournaments icon

New Tournaments

This banner will display information regarding latest Tournaments happening in the game, you can join from here to participate in the tournaments.

stumble guys tournaments
stumble guys events icon


Stumble guys keeps arranging events to keep the community and players updated, From here you can keep yourself updated regarding all upcoming events, this can be different as it has happens on daily or weekly basis.

stumble guys events
stumble guys play button

Play Button

Through this button you can launch the game and join the Stumble Guys fun filled game arena.

stumble guys play
stumble guys tokens icon

Stumble Tokens

This Displays details regarding Stumble token you have earned or purchased, You can buy tokens by pressing the green + sign. It will take you to the Stumble Shop.

stumble guys token
stumble guys gems icon

Stumble Gems

This provides details regarding Stumble Gems you have collected or purchased, You can also buy Gems by pressing the green + sign. You will be forwarded to the Stumble Shop.

stumble guys gems
stumble guys stumble pass icon

Stumble Pass

Stumble Pass” is a reward system that happens on monthly basis, in which players can earn skins, emotes, animations, etc. This icon will take you to the Stumble pass menu.

stumble guys stumble pass

Final Note:

Just remember this screen changes with the events, levels tournament and as your journey progresses, also the layout will also be upgraded by the developers with the passing time, but the core theme will always remains the same.

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