Stumble Guys New Toys line, Introducing Toys x PMI Toys

stumble guys new toys

Introduction of Stumble guys Toys!

Stumble Guys Toys! Stumble Guys has introduced their brand new stumble guys PMI toys. It has been a trend for the past few years; all successful brands with successful products tend towards engaging marketing tactics to gain more reach into their respective followings and access unreached channels. Good news for die-hard Stumblers: now they can have their favorite characters in their hands, and the excitement and thrill of the game will fit into their palms!

It’s now in everyone’s reach; whether you have just started exploring Stumble Guy’s horizon or, already a hardcore stumbler, these fantastic toys will bring you fun and joy. So let’s dive into the details of what’s in the offer. Checkout our Blogs section for more informative content.

List of Available Goodies!

  1. Stumble Guys Collectables
  2. Stumble Guys Action Figures
  3. Stumble Guys Mini Action Figures
  4. Stumble Guys Plushies
  5. Stumble Guys Buddies
  6. Stumble Guys Huggable
  7. Figural Stumble Guys Keychain
  8. 3D Stumble Guys Keychain
  9. Clip-on Stumble Guys Plush

Check Them out at Walmart US

It is exciting to know that all stumble guys PMI toys, These collectables and action figures are now available at Walmart all across the US. Hurry up to grab one before the racks go empty.

Is this available only in US?

They always remember their fans no matter where they are; this is just the start of this adventure. They have started this from the US, but it will end globally, and these stumbling action figures, and beauties will be available soon in Canada, the UK, Australia and a few of the selected European and Asian countries, as announced on their official networks.

Stay updated; the dates will be announced for the continuous rollout plan. As official sources state, Stumble Guys will cover most of the area till spring, and more products will hit the stores in May and June 2024.

We loved these extra soft Plushies fun cuddling and playing with them is heartwarming and pleasant. We can’t wait to see all these gorgeous action figures in our grasp. These are excellent quality collectables and adorable gift items, too.

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