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Stumble Guys Maps Description: Howdy folks! This article will shed more light on Stumble Guys’ Maps. We will explain the Category of stumble guys maps with pictures, with details of obstacles used in these maps. We will also touch on map color selection and what color shades are used in different maps.

Last but not least in stumble guys maps description, we will explain the map layouts and a bit of map mechanics where required. We hope you like this effort. Keep stumbling; keep rocking the game floor with your awesomeness. Please do check out our Tips and Tricks series; it will enable you to navigate the maps like a pro.

Stumble Guys Maps Description:

Name: Tile Fall

Category: Race

Obstacle: Falling tiles

Description: This is one of the easiest and shortest maps in the game. It has only one obstacle. The map is designed to keep the players clustered. It has a straightforward but colorful design. Reach the finish line by guessing the right course of action. Just as named, watch out for red tiles. Stepping on them will make you fall off the map. You must be careful while stepping forward to the next tile. Green and Yellow colors are dominating the floor, along with mustard dark grey and orange shades are visible in the map.

stumble guys maps description

Name: Floor Flip

Category: Race

Obstacle: Tilting Floor, Rotating Block, Dangling Hammer, Trampoline

Stumble Guys maps Description: Another simple and exciting map includes obstacles like lightweight flipping floors and tilting to sides with more weight, making navigating fun. The Map offers distinct paths for players to navigate, and opponents will try their best to keep you from going through them quickly. For rotating blocks, watch the timing of rotation to cross. Hammer and trampoline are easy to go through. The excellent color combination on the Map makes it pleasant on the eyes, Bright yellow, blues purple and mustard shades are prominent on this map.


Name: Over and Under

Category: Race

Obstacle: Cylinders moving vertically , Blocks moving up & down, Cylinders moving horizontally, Rotating hammer, Platforms popping in & out of the wall

Description: While considering the difficulty, this map is similar to the first 2 maps, not too tricky; as the name suggests, players can cross obstacles either jumping over or going under them. The map offers a lot of jumping and moving around. Elegant but lively colors are used in the map, including carmine pink color floors with a touch of yellow and green and ocean shades, and one obstacle with a combination of pastel orange and cumin shades with violet pink in few.

over _&_ under

Name: Spin go Round

Category: Race

Obstacle: Rotating hammer, Movement restricting floor belts, Bouncing balls, Rotating cylinders, Floating/moving tiles, Floating tiles with rotating rod

Stumble Guys maps Description: This map offers some resistance for players while navigating through obstacles; everything goes around on this map. The floor on the map is designed to counter the movement of players; you need some skills to race on this map. The map includes an exquisite combination of many color shades, which consists of a bright cerulean, sky blue, blue, cantaloupe shade, neon pink, green, yellow and cerise pink; this combination of colors made the playing experience much more engaging and exciting.


Name: Jungle Roll

Category: Race

Obstacle: Mud pits, Massive rotating log with embedded obstacles, Object moving up and down

Description: In this Map, massive rotating logs are the main feature of obstacles. Good practice is required to cross them with timely movements and jumping. The Map is designed with a jungle park theme and a scenic layout. It includes small bridges and cool-looking ponds, which add to the jungle park theme; color shades are so pleasant, reflecting nature’s beauty in greens, and soil colors with jungle green shades of ponds; the addition of small plants makes the pond look lively. It also includes some blue and greyish shades, and the color palate graciously reflects the intended theme.


Name: Humble Stumble

Category: Race

Obstacle: Jump pads, Huge blocks moving horizontally, Movement restricting floor belts, Rotating thin cylinders

Stumble Guys maps Description: This is another mid-air suspension map; there is little special about this map. The only tricky crossing points are jumping pads; try not to fall, and that’s about it. It’s a pretty straightforward map layout; again, massive light and dark blue shades are used, adding shades like pinkish purple, yellow, and orange with the lightest mustard. Most of the map platform consists of blueish shades, which, in our opinion, could be popping out; better the blueish sky background shade, some other shade may have been more appropriate.


Name: Cannon Climb

Category: Race

Obstacle: Massive swinging hammer, Cannon balls, Moveable blocking gates, Small rotating hammers, Mounted cannons , Bumpers

Description: Cannon climb has a healthy length as compared to the maps discussed above. The map consists of a minimalistic layout with lots of obstacles placed on the map. Similar to most maps in Stumble Guys, it has a blueish platform; as this map is hanging high up in the air, clouds can be seen in the sky below the map. Along with blueish theme shades, it consists of a heliotrope purple shade, which is also prominent on the map. Light shades of mustard, along with red and white, are visible here and there on the map.


Name: Icy Heights

Category: Race

Obstacle: Slippery floor, Cannons, Snow balls, lots of Bumpers, No borders on left/right after passing the cannons

Stumble Guys Maps Description: As the name suggests, this map is all about Ice; this is an entertaining arctic-themed map. The distinguishing feature of this map is its mechanics of slippery floor, which makes it challenging to navigate the map; coupled with slipperiness, the cherry on the top are the snowballs coming your way.

The map has a decent length, which looks short due to a vast declining platform, which can be crossed with speed using a belly slide. This map is ice-themed; the floor is the lightest of whites and greys to get snowy effects. Only obstacles and a few other map elements reflect color shades of mustard, slightly bluish and mild red to bring some vibrance to the map.


Name: Lave Rush

Category: Race

Obstacle: Molten Lava, Fire Balls, Hot lava springs, Rotating log with thorns, Moving rocks above lava ponds

Stumble Guys maps Description: This is a volcanic-themed map with a stunning and tense layout design. A small mistake will cause you to light up in flames; the map is not simple; players can opt for different ways to navigate the map. Fiery obstacles are placed to burn the players to ashes, and a good skill level is required to qualify from this map. The color shades used in this map are decent and conveniently reflect the love theme. Combining shades like Dorado, Deep Orange, Cantaloupe, and Mochas brings out the volcanic rocks, lava, and smoke to imitate a volcanic environment.


Name: Paint Splash

Category: Race

Obstacle: Paint roller, Rotating fan on ground, Paint pits, Popping out buttons, Tiles popping in & out of paint puddle

Stumble Guys maps Description: This Map is all about paint; navigate it like an artist doing what he does best; it is another simple map layout with no twists or surprises in it; watch out for the buttons at the center of the fan marked X; once activated, it will throw you up .this is also a map in the air with all its painted glory, waiting to be conquered with fun vibes, Map is lit with the combination of many colors, as standard Stumble Guys color theme platform consists different shades of blues along with Mikado yellow, fuchsia, brilliant rose, lime green and greys.


Name: Pivot Push

Category: Race

Obstacle: Moveable blocking gates, Moving barriers, Up down moving platform, Swinging balls and hammers, Rotating hammers

Stumble Guys maps Description: There are lots of moving obstacles on this map, hanging and rotating. The map is easy to navigate; no expert level is required to qualify; just a little practice, and you are through. The map layout is uncomplicated and quiet; watch out for big hammers if you fall. Don’t waste your time in the bit by trying to jump out; follow back and go through the swinging hammers again. Now, on this map, the platform color is not blue; it’s a shade of pink near Persian pink, and the rest is a combination of mustard, yellow, and blue.


Name: Space Race

Category: Race

Obstacle: Rotating satellite panels, Floating asteroids, No borders in maps, Distantly placed map elements,

Stumble Guys maps Description: This map will take you deep into the unknowns; you will be visiting space while floating, running and jumping here and there to qualify; tricky map layout gives you multiple ways to navigate; choose wisely or else get lost in the abyss of the space. The platform is scattered everywhere, and lots of jumping is required; on the rocks and the floating planets, tunnels will speed you up to cover the distance quickly.

It looks more challenging than the difficulty it offers, but indeed, it is challenging for beginners to go through in early attempts; it requires good skills and patience to qualify. The floor is not as colorful as a rock in the space; the floor color theme is dull lavender shades, and blues, yellow, white and orange shades appeal to the eyes in the background of the dull floor. The map offers three finish points, so choose the right one.


Name: Lost Temple

Category: Race

Obstacle: Swinging axes, Spears popping out of floor, Pits with spear heads, Thorn embedded logs, Punches, Enormous ball,

Stumble Guys maps Description: This map is an ancient lost temple found by the Stumble Guys team, and they built a map on a temple theme; after playing earlier maps, this maps give you some other level of excitement and brings joyous vibes, as this map brings a different concept of map layout, which is different than routine maps.

Map offers exciting venues to navigate through with various obstacles to cross. Good visuals give you an ancient Egyptian pyramid-like vibe. In short, it is a different map design. Most of the map color is themed around pale salmon, eggshell and brownish shades, blues, deep orange and a bit of yellow.


Name: Turbo Temple

Category: Race

Obstacle: Rotating thorned log, Water pits with obstacles in it, Sharp turns, bumpy road free moving logs, Swinging thorned ball, Huge swinging axes, Static green obstacles on the track

Stumble Guys maps Description: This is one of the game’s most beautiful and diverse maps. It’s a 2 lap race on a vehicle map, with a Stunning layout opposite the lost temple; it offers a race track with greenery and mountains all around, which provides a refreshing and relaxing experience to race with your opponents on a beautiful track. Watch out for the bumpy sides and shortcuts on the tracks.

Vehicle handling mechanics may have been improved; the Map offers an entirely different color shade theme than the usual maps; most of the Map is covered with shades of carbon grey and light to darker greens. Track uses brownish shades like sand brown, dull brown, dusty orange and fawn color shade


Name: Super Slide

Category: Race

Obstacle: Swinging rod, Static slide blockers, Water tornados, Moving slide blockers, Up and down moving rods, Gigantic fan

Stumble Guys maps Description: Let’s have a pool party on this colorful and dynamic map; bringing the real-world theme into the map is a giant leap; it has an excellent layout with brilliant mechanics, giving a fun summer vibe to the players. We recommend unique summer-themed skins for this map, as players wear the usual skins on them while sliding through the watery chaos. Color shades are luminous and dazzle the eyes with freshness. A lot of blues, contrasting with yellows, greens, and pinks, make your slide experience joyful and entertaining.


That’s all for now for stumble guys maps description. We will cover complete Maps, old and new, very soon. Stay in touch to get the latest updates and news on Stumble Guys.

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