The Exclusive Comparison | Stumble Guys Vs Fall Guys 1v1

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys: These are the two games that are universally played and frequently discussed on the most relevant forums by gaming enthusiasts. These two games belong to the same species of game genre and are closely related, sharing more similarities than any other similar genre game. Another most common concern being discussed is whether Stumble Guys is a copy of Fall Guys.

Well, there will always be differences of opinions, and that’s the beauty of it. Many believe that Stumble Guys is an inspiration from Fall Guys; whatever the case is, both games are being enjoyed and played by the masses and have a massive fan following around the globe. The question of “which one is the winner” in Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys is still as relevant today in 2024 as it was a couple of years back.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Before getting into the details of Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys, let’s have a brief intro on them first. Fall Guys, when released, took everything by storm and stayed as a trendy multiplayer game. After its release, Stumble Guys took almost a year to make its presence felt. However, after October 2021, it started gaining on Fall Guys and enacting more milestones in a short time.

The Stumble Guys team was much more aggressive in their strategies. Be it the improvements or new developments in the game, their efforts to keep their followers engaged through innovative and creative campaigns, or their efforts to gain more followers through their social media presence using influencers and arranging lively events, they are working incessantly to keep it floating high up.

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Small Comparison Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

DescriptionStumble GuysFall Guys
PublisherScopelyEpic Games
DistributorApp Store, Google Play, SteamEpic Games, PlayStation , Nintendo, Xbox
PublishedSep 24 2020Aug 4 2020
GenreAction, RacingAction, Racing
Game FormatBattle Royale, PlatformBattle Royale, Platform
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, Xbox, Ps 4,5 betaPs 4/5, Windows, Nintendo switch, Xbox 1, Xbox series X/S
CompatibleAndroid 5.1 above, Windows 10 above, iOS 13.0 aboveWindows 10, Ps 4/5. Xbox , Nintendo switch
No of PlayersUp to 32Up to 40
MonetizationIn App purchasesIn App purchases

Resemblance & Differences

Now, we will briefly go through the similarities and differences between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys. Although both these platforms resemble each other to some extent, these are indeed two distinct games. In this article, we will dig deep to uncover the similarities and differences between these two in Stumble Guys vs. Fall Guys. We will discuss how they relate, or vice versa, from the different functions of the games, like gameplay, Party Rooms, graphics, game modes, Obstacles, etc., in Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys Logging in

Fall Guys Loading in

Game Play Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Let’s discuss gameplay in Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys. In Stumble Guys, there are three main categories of matches. Most of the game consists of Race-to-finish and Elimination Maps, while there are a few other types, such as Collect them all, Capture flags, Score goals, Score Points, Deliver dreams, Climb, and Avoid buckets.

Similarly, in Fall Guys, there are Race rounds and Survival rounds, and the remaining types are Hunt rounds, Logic rounds, Team rounds, and Invisibeans rounds, with 1 team being invisible. There are also final rounds in which the remaining few players compete in a final match with a mini-game designed for a smaller player size.

Stumble Guys Main Menu

Fall Guys Main Menu

stumble guys main menu screen
fall guys game menu

Here, we have Stumble Guys vs. Fall Guy’s main menus. As the screenshots above show, other than aesthetics, different color profiles, and design, both menu screens almost offer the same functions for the players. Only the placement and representation are a bit different. It’s like the same dish, but the way of serving is different.

Graphics Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Let’s move on to graphics in the Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys battle. Stumble Guys was initially launched for mobile platforms, so it has that feel to it; it has this structured map design, maps don’t feel scattered, and the field of view is rather excellent; even when played on PC, it gives an ultimate experience of playing. While Fall Guys was not designed for mobile platforms, instead, it was focused on the consoles, so it provides that bulky yet calm feel, and it’s okay.

Their graphics are unique to each of them; Stumble Guys did better here, and in selecting colors and shades, Fall Guys seems ahead. Both have done a great job while laying out their colorful universe in the game.

Stumble Guys Player Loading

Fall Guys Player Loading

Game Modes Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Stumble Guys vs. Fall Guys: Both games Offer slightly different game modes. Somehow, Fall Guys seems traditional, whereas Stumble Guys offers additional game modes like kart racing. Kart racing is the most entertaining and fun mode in Stumble Guys, which is not available in Fall Guys. The mechanics in both games are awesome; we have not seen a huge difference in there, but Stumble Guys felt slightly better.

Map Length & Hall Size

One significant difference between the two games is that the Fall Guys map has more players in its hall. Fall Guys can spawn up to 40 players in a single spawn, whereas Stumble Guys has a smaller number of up to 32 players due to its mobile platform base. Another advantage is that Stumble Guys offers the quickest matches, and players are eliminated and disqualified quickly, which makes it convenient for players to play more games in a short time.

Stumble Guys Round

Fall Guys Round

Stumble guys vs Fall Guys MAPS

Both game designers were Innovative and creative in all the game schemes. They came up with some awesome creations in both games. We have found a few tricky similarities in Maps and have shared the list below. These are design concepts and names that reflect similarities. If you have played both of these games, you can see what we are pointing out here.

Block Dash

Block Party

Stumble GuysFall Guys
Block DashBlock Party
Honey DropHex-A-Gone
Icy HeightsFreezy Peak
BombardmentBlast Ball
Cannon ClimbFall Mountain
Floor FlipSee Saw
Super SlideSpeed Slider
Jungle RollRoll On

Game Monetization Stumble guys vs Fall guys

Both games are free to play for everyone, but they offer micro-transactions, and each has its unique process for that. Stumble Guys, along with the in-game purchases, offers spins, and “Paid “adds free mods and a wide range of gacha mechanics. Fall Guys doesn’t have any such option in the offerings. Instead, they offer a rotating store option from where you can buy cosmetics.

Game Settings & Customization

Stumble Guys Settings

Fall Guys Settings

Both games offer a Settings Menu with almost the same content but with different designs and playouts. Setting menus is easy to use and easy to navigate; Stumble Guys displays pings while selecting the region, which is really a very convenient thing to know, such as which server is best to play at the moment and has less load on it. Your region or the one nearest to your area will be the best most of the time. Both games offer character customizations like skins, emotes, etc. Stumble Guys is ahead in this matter compared to Fall Guys.

Characters & Obstacles

On a lighter note, we know that characters/skins are the heroes in the game, and the obstacles are the villains; in the below picture slides, both the challenges and characters are visible. Stumble Guys and Fall Guys are sides in this category. Both have rotating, flipping, moving, swinging, floating platforms, made of walls, axes hammers and fans etc. Both also include cannons, cannon balls, Pits, Trampolines, and bouncing off platforms. There are more similarities in the basic mechanics and designs of these obstacles than differences.

Stumble Guys offers quite an extended range of skins that the characters can buy or unlock through different options. Every skin is unique. These characters look like human beings with cartoonish representations of a wide variety. In contrast, Fall Guys Bean Men characters offer fluffy, jellyish cartoonish looks, which are alright, having their personalities. Still, the underlying characters remain the same, and Stumble Guys has a totally different underlying theme for every character.

Stumble Guys Characters & Obstacles

Fall Guys Characters & Obstacles

The Epic Conclusion

So here we are. Well, it’s tricky to conclude between these two marvelous creations developed and published by their respective teams. After going through the process from downloading to installing and then stumbling and falling into different maps and menus, we have concluded a few critical points between these two games that are worth mentioning.

We believe that Stumble Guys is ahead due to their choice of mobile platforms, which gives them a massive edge over Fall Guys vs Stumble guys. Both share many common platforms, but Fall Guys is on Nintendo Switch, and Stumble Guys is not. Still, it doesn’t give Fall Guys that much of an edge as the mobile platform.

Stumble Guys offers a very easy and convenient way of downloading the game on any platform. It’s a breeze on PCs and Android devices. It takes less time and effort than Fall Guys. Fall guys vs stumble guys downloading process is not friendly at all on PCs. It takes around 6.30 GB of space when installed on PCs, which is quite a lot.

Having said this, both these platforms are equally entertaining to play, but in this epic battle of Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys, we believe Stumble Guys is the winner.

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