Stumble Guys Time Trials: Uncovering the Routes 2 Top

Stumble Guys Time Trials: It is an exciting new feature introduced recently in Stumble Guys. This is the beginning of a sensational new episode that will heighten the rage, and the clash will be more enticing now. Now, the stumblers will feel the clock ticking within them; this experience will magnify the excitement and competition to the next level.

time trials stumble guys

What is Time Trials Feature

Times of your races will now be recorded in all the game modes, the thirst will pump more adrenaline in your blood to conquer and to be crowned on top. Compete against your friends, and after every map, your record will be highlighted; compete for the best time now.

Stumble Guys Time Trials now offers a new Friend Leaderboard.

stumble guys time trials

While playing this humorous and colorful mayhem, keep an eye on the new Friend Leaderboard; the best times from you and all your friends across all the different game modes will be recorded and presented to you. This will enhance your game play to strive for the best and to be on the top in every race. It has been mentioned that The Friend Leaderboard will reset periodically. Stumble Guy’s time trial will add a new vibe to the gameplay; now, you can be king of your world, and a few friends can compete in a healthy competition and take the positions on the Friend Leaderboard. 

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Time Trials feature will record your times and place automatically when ever you will be in a Race Map. It will notify payers after each race when it ends, and it will notify your own best time; if you beat your time, it will inform you, and if you break a friend’s best time, it will also give you a notification for that. You will boost your standings on the Stumble Guys Friend Leader Board after every broken record.

stumble guys time trials

Stumble Guys Time Trials in Custom Parties

It is important to remember that while Time Trials do operate in Custom Parties, all records from custom party modes will be retained purely for your viewing, and it will not change, upgrade, or downgrade your standing on the Stumble Guys Friend Leaderboard. Holding these custom party records private will empower you to sharpen your skills and revisit existing gameplay or within your groups, have fun, and enjoy healthy competition.

Updated Settings Menu

stumble guys interface settings

In this version of Stumble Guys time trials, an all-new remodeled version of Settings Menu has been introduced. This time UX has been given priority while designing the Menu. Settings Menu is now spread into categories. Each category, with its own set of game settings, provides more convenience to the players. The Stumble Guys Time Trials settings can be accessed through the “Interface” tab. It allows you to turn this function on or off. 

Your record will always be saved whether the timer is displayed or not, and it will even be displayed in the stumble guys time trials Friend Leaderboard, in case your time is good enough to rank. A custom made setting is also imported for content creators and to some of the community challenges.

 The “Show Time records” for the “Elimination” option. When this feature is enabled, it displays an in-game timer during elimination Levels. Please do remember that on Elimination Maps, no personal or friend records will be recorded or saved; this feature is incorporated primarily to increase entertainment in Stumble Guys time trials.

stumble guys time trials

Stumblers! Today we’ve brought you an exciting challenge – race against the clock in our time trial event, conquer the Friend Leaderboard, and put your creativity to the test with custom parties. Whatever your objective, whether it’s securing a top spot or exploring new settings tailored for content creation, there is something here that will pique your interest. So, without further ado, dive into the action!

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