66 Maps of Stumble Guys! Ultimate Adventure

66 Maps of Stumble Guys, the wildly popular multiplayer party game, has taken the gaming world by storm with its fun, fast-paced, and often hilarious gameplay. At the heart of this chaotic adventure are its 66 unique maps, each offering a different challenge and a new way to stumble, fall, and ultimately try to claim victory. For maps Tips & Tricks, Check this link.

From slippery ice slides to tricky obstacle courses, every map is a vibrant playground where strategy, skill, and a bit of luck come into play. This article will dive into the colorful world of Stumble Guy’s maps, exploring what makes each one unique and how they contribute to the game’s addictive charm. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to sharpen your skills or a newbie wanting to get a lay of the land, join us as we navigate the wonderful landscapes of Stumble Guys.

Here are the names and categories of all the 66 maps of Stumble Guys. There are 7 main categories of Maps in Stumble Guys.

Categories of 66 Stumble Guys Maps

  1. Collection
  2. Driving
  3. Elimination
  4. Race
  5. Challenges
  6. First Peron Stumble
  7. Team
66 maps of stumble guys

Collection Maps

There are 3 maps in the collection category; in these maps, players are required to collect different goodies available on the map, like gold coins, Pac dots power pallets, etc. Players with more number of items in 3 minutes will win the map. These are the best fun-filled 3 maps from 66 maps of Stumble Guys. This category is another example of innovative and creative thinking by the developers of the game.

Driving Maps

In the Driving Maps category, there are 3 maps. These are the only Race maps with vehicles in them; players have to complete the race by avoiding obstacles and reaching the finish line. Contrary to the existing gameplay play, these are creative and an innovative addition to the game play. These maps bring a different vibe to the exciting gameplay of Stumble Guys.

Challenges Maps

Here, only 2 maps are available; in these maps, you have to climb to the highest point in order to win; both the maps are the same only difference is that one has checkpoints and the the other doesn’t. In the stumble up a map, if you fell, you will respawn at the start, and you have to start all over again from the beginning, whereas in stumble up Ez, due to checkpoints availability when you fell, you will respawn on the last checkpoint.

stumble up map
stumble up Ez map

First Person Stumble Maps

In this category, we have 2 maps; these are basically elimination maps; in blaster bas, you have to survive till the end while using health shields and different blasters. Scaffold stumble is a similar kind but with elevated platforms and multi level arena. These are the most unique gameplay maps of 66 maps of stumble Guys. Creative thinking like this adds “Spice to the Rice,” and players don’t get bored.

blaster base map
scaffold stumble map

Team Maps – 66 maps of stumble guys

These 2 maps are also unique in terms of gameplay; these are team maps; in Rocket Rumble player has to capture more flags than the opponents, and more goals should be scored against the opposition to win in the Stumble Soccer map. Your play matters little as long as your team puts their best in the play. 

rocket rumble map
stumble soccer map

Elimination maps

There are 21 maps in the elimination category; these maps are famous as sudden death maps; players need to stay alive till the end of the map. These are no doubt the most challenging and exciting maps in 66 maps of Stumble Guys; here, you have only one chance, a slight mistake, and the game is over.

Race Maps

These 33 maps are also known as “Race to Finish” maps; in this category, players compete with each other, passing through many types of obstacles, and whoever reaches the finish line will win the race. These are the most hilarious and full of entertainment maps in 66 maps of Stumble Guys.


As we’ve explored the 67 maps of Stumble Guys, it’s clear that each one brings its flavor of fun and chaos to the game. From dodging obstacles to racing against the clock, every map offers a unique challenge that keeps players coming back for more. The variety and creativity of these maps are what make Stumble Guys such a standout in the world of party games. Whether you’re stumbling through for the first time or mastering the art of the stumble, these maps are sure to provide endless entertainment and laughter. So next time you dive into the fray, remember: it’s not just about winning but enjoying the wild ride along the way. Happy stumbling!

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