How to Run Faster: Use Obstacles to Your Advantage and Win

How to Run Faster! Stumble Guys is a loud expression of fun and chaotic gameplay that includes many obstacles in different maps; it is equally famous on Android, PCs and Consoles. Since its launch, it has reached immense popularity and a fan base of Millions; it is undoubtedly the best game to play solo or with friends and family.  

As this game is available on different platforms, PC, android, and consoles, the natural fun way of playing will be on PC, which is possible through multiple available options officially and through third-party platforms. We have compiled a list of The best Platforms to Play Stumble Guys on PC, which is quite helpful, with step-by-step information to download, install, and then how to play the game with convenience.

how to run faster

However, if you have all the means to play the game on PC but don’t have enough knowledge and information regarding the game techniques and the ways to dominate your opponents and win the race, then you are missing a huge fun part of the reason to play Stumble Guys. We will guide you to win the race by running faster than others, how you can punch the opponents and trip them over, and a few Tips and Tricks for getting the edge and winning the race.

So, let’s get into it!

How To Run Faster – Selected Maps Speed Boosts

You must have noticed, if you have played this game already playing different maps, that usually all the players have the same running speed, and no options are available to run faster than others; this ensures fair pay for every player. Yes, you cannot get increased speed bonuses or any such incentives offered in the game in any form, yet there are ways to increase the speed on some maps in certain places to get an edge over your competition.

how to run faster
  • You can use Bouncers/Bumpers; if you bump into them while running or diving, those obstacles will bounce you in the air in opposite directions. You can use this to your advantage by using the correct bump angle and intentionally crashing into them, eventually throwing you ahead.
  • You must have already seen spinning/rotating obstacles of cannon climb; you can pass the spinning hammers and adjust and stand in there, turning past how these hammers hit you from behind and bounce you forward ahead of players near you.
  • Then, some obvious speed boost options are available in the game, such as in Super Slide, where you slide faster than the average speed.
  • Similarly, in the Spin Go Round map, where a downhill slide will give you a speed boost, rotating hammers can also be used to your advantage, as explained earlier.

These obstacles are placed to slow down your speed and to make you lose the round, but if you use them correctly and tactfully, these will become your ultimate winning recipe. While playing, keep scanning the surroundings in the game to find more such ideas and techniques to increase your chance of winning.

How to Push Others and Trip Them Over

Winning in Stumble Guys is not an easy task; it needs a lot of practice and a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to cross the finish line or survive an elimination map; sometimes, you need some unique technique to make your opposition lose the competition, another available option will be to make them trip over, and fall this make them left behind you, and they will lose.

In the Fall Guys, which is the earlier version of the game, had the option to make the opponent suffer and slow them down; it was called the grab function; with this function, you can cling to your opponent and slow down their movement on the map, but no such function was introduced in the Stumble Guys, However, stumble guys offer some other options which can create some trouble for your opponents.

stumble guys how to run faster

These are known as Special emotes. These emotes often express feelings like accomplishment, aggression, failure, etc. However, there are two special emotes, like punch emote and kick emote; these can knock the opponent down if used correctly, Eventually slowing them down and making them lose the round.

With the punch emote, you will have gloves on your character, and with kick emote, you will have shoes on your character; a player can keep four emotes at any one time; these emotes can be unlocked using a stumble pass. These emotes are limited due to their difficulty in targeting the opponent; lots of practice will increase the chances of hitting the target.

You can punch your opponent with the correct punch emote, and he will be unconscious for a few seconds. Similarly, you will slide under the opponent with a kick emote, making them trip over and hindering their approach toward the finish line. To get these, you must make progress in the gameplay to unlock and then purchase them, as, unfortunately, these are unavailable from the beginning of the game.

Cut the Corners

stumble guys nerf map

While the obstacle courses in Stumble Guy’s map are pretty simple, with only a few tracks parting ways, few maps offer shortcuts, as if you have noticed that the last middle cannon in Cannon Climb has no collision mechanics. You can easily clip through it. It is an ideal way to cut a few seconds from the time on the final stretch by jumping straight toward the cannon instead of going around the cannons.

Similarly, in Super Slide, it is possible to jump out of the slide in the sharpest of the turns and land easily on the other slide; you don’t have to go on the slide to the end. Doing this lets you maintain your speed and velocity until the end.

We hope this will add more value to your game-playing tactics and techniques.

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