Elite Tactics: Create Private Stumble Party Rooms

Private stumble party rooms are available in Stumble Guys. This option is on the right side of the main screen, under “Party.” It is shown with an arrow in the screenshot below on the Main Home Screen of Stumble Guys.

These stumble guys party rooms will give you the Privilege to play and enjoy this fun-filled saga “stumble guys” with your comrades; it is a fabulous thought to gather your friends and family on a single platform and have a friendly F&F competition, and with worries of other players jumping in the game. It’s perfect for when you want to have a Friendly competition without other players invading the gaming sessions. Only you can decide and select players to join in the game. 

private stumble party rooms

Stumble Guys is full of excitement and reckless gameplay. The Funniest and most Entertaining game play will help you relieve stress and relax your mind because you will be getting massive shots of laughter and unforgettable moments.  

Here, we will discuss how to create private stumble party rooms in Stumble Guys. It is an ideal way to have fun, party, and entertainment with your friends, family, colleagues, or your personal gaming warriors squad. This is what Stumble Guys is all about.

What are Private stumble Party rooms

Private party rooms are an option to play Stumble Guys with your Friends and Family online, more like an online party, which is an amazing way to spend more time with your friends or family.

Options in Private Party rooms

When you click on the “Party” option on the main screen, the screenshot shown below will appear on your device’s screen. Here, you can see two main secondary Options: Create party and Join party. Through these options, you can either join any existing private Stumble party rooms through a room code, or you can create your own Stumble Guys private rooms, and your friends and family can join in through a room code.

stumble guys private rooms

Join Party

Here, you can join any private Stumble party rooms created by others; in order to join, you need a room code from the room creator. If you have a room code, put it in the empty space available for this under “Enter room code” and press “join.”

Create Party

In Create Party you will find two more options.

  • Normal Game
  • Custom Game

Normal Game

When you click on ‘Normal Game, ‘ this screen, shown below, will appear on your device. You can add your friends from the Green button named “Add Friends” placed on the right side of the screen. You can also see the Room code above Add Friends on the right side.

create party screen

Here in Normal Game, you can create your own private stumble party rooms and ask your friends and family to join in by providing them with the room code which is available on the top right of the screen. There is a catch. First, you have to add your friends and whoever you want to join in with you in the game; you need a minimum of two players to add to the room in order to make the room work; if you press the “play” button without adding a minimum of two players you will receive this message as shown below.

create party

Custom Game

If you choose the custom game option, the following screen on the left will appear on your device. From here on, you can select options according to your liking.

Choose how many players you want to be allowed in the room, up to a maximum of 32. If you want to add AI bots, check the box after the Max players selection option. You can choose how many rounds you want in the session, from 1 to 3 rooms. If you have chosen 3 rounds, you can choose 3 Maps of your own choice. Furthermore, you can enable or disable Special emotes options in the Custom Party game.

After customizing the room according to your desire, click on the Create button, which is placed down on the right side in yellow. The screen that will appear now on your device is shown below on the right side. Now, you can see the Room Code above Friends on the right side of the image.

Now, give this code to your Friends and ask them to join in with this code from the Normal game option by entering the code you’ve provided to them. You are ready now. Click the Play button located at the bottom right side and begin the fun-filled ride.

In Custom Game, you can also play only with AI Game bots without including any friends, whereas this option is not available in Normal Game.

Follow these steps appropriately, you shouldn’t expect any troubles. We have described them comprehensively so that participants of all generations can comprehend and benefit from them. For more comfort, we have also supplied some shots as a manual for creating party rooms.


The party option provides Stumble Guys private rooms, which is a great choice for having fun with your mates. If you want to practice all maps, you can use this option and practice tips and tricks to be a champion when facing tough competition.

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