Stumble Guys Emotes, All 19 Special Emotes & Their Functions

What Are Emotes & Special Emotes

Stumble Guys emotes: This is another exciting feature in Stumble Guys; it adds different attributes to the character that a player has chosen to play the game. Basically, emotes are expressions, emotions that allow your character to express themselves through messages, dance animations, and attack-like animations that players can use during the game.

To choose stumble guys emotes, this Menu is located on the left side, in the Customize Section. While playing the game, the message icon will appear on the right side of the screen. These emotes are available for use during gameplay by pressing that message icon; a player can choose a maximum of 4 emotes to use in a game. When these emotes are used, an icon of the emote being used will appear next to the character that used it. In the game, these emotes are classified as below.

special stumble guys emotes
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
stumble guys emote option icon

Types of Emotes (Stumble guys emotes)

To understand these emotes better, we have categorized them into three categories. This will easily explain the emotes as they are.

  • Taunts/Dance
  • Messages/Faces
  • Offence/Attack

Taunts & Dance

Taunts are emotes that include taunting dance moves and taunting expressions. They include a huge variety of movements in which your character will use dancing moves, cry, take a selfie, shoulder brush, crane kick, perform bunny hop, DAB, spin on the ground, do the wave, and side wiggle. There is a long list of these taunts, which include most of the Rare, Epic, and Legendary stumble guys emotes.

Messages & Faces

Then there are these expressions that you can use in the game to express what you feel throughout the game; include happy face, sad face, crying face, cool face, black-eyed face, twisted, clown, etc. The list goes on and on. With these expressions, the game also includes messages that, although they are available in small quantities these stumble guys emotes are heavily used by participants, mostly during gameplay or while winning a game; these include HI, HaHa, Let go, Oops, Ko, Omg, Good Luck, etc.


Moving on to the last ones are the Stumble Guys’ attack/Offense emotes. These are the most used emotes, and every player wants to have them in the bucket. These are the most renowned and influential emotes in the Stumble Guys emotes, but they are really hard to get. Due to the difficulty in getting these emotes, they are often criticized, too, as the easiest way to get them is through spending money.

One famous emote is the Punch emote; with this stumble guys emotes, you can punch your opponent and, for a few seconds, make him dizzy. Banana emote: you can throw it on the floor, and the opponent will stumble for a few seconds when it makes contact with the banana peel on the ground.


Special stumble guys emotes are a Rare breed of special emotes. These emotes perform actions that will impact the opponent. With these emotes, players can increase the difficulty of opponents by making them dizzy, slow, or stumbling. To properly use these emotes player needs good practice before performing these emotes effectively. Here are the details of these special stumble guys emotes.

KICK Emote

stumble guys kick emote
kick emote icon

Kick: character Slides & Stumbles the opponent if touched during mid-kick.


Wet Kick: This is a reskin of the kick emote.

wet kick icon
stumble guys wet kick emote

HUG Emote

stumble guys hug emote
hug emote icon

Hug: When you are touching your opponent and activating this emote, it will make your character latch onto your opponent.


Charged Hug: This is a reskin of hug emote.

charged hug emote icon
charged hug emote


banana emote
banana emote icon

Banana: when used it throws a banana which stumbles the opponent for a few second.


Golden Banana: This is a reskin of banana emote.

golden banana emote icon
golden banana emote


punch emote
punch emote icon

Punch: when used your character will punch the opponent and make him dizzy for a few seconds.

KARATE Chop Emote

Karate Chop: Your character will use this to slap the opponents with funny sounds to make them slow.

karate chop emote icon
karate chop emote


snowball emote throw
snowball emote icon

Snowball Throw: Your character will make the opponent slow by using this emote.


Toss A Block: Your character can throw it at someone like a banana or use it like a punch.

toss a block emote icon
toss a block emote


water spray emote
water spray emote icon

Water Spray: Water comes out of your character’s head, spraying this on anyone in front of you and yourself if you’re too close.


Spatula Slap: It is the same as punch but has animation and sound and a slightly increased range.

spatula emote icon
spatula emote


sword spin emote
sword spin emote icon

Sword Spin: A sword will appear in your character’s hand and spin for 1 to 2 seconds. It will stumble anyone close to you, after which the player will become dizzy and can’t move.


Force Shield: A spherical shield will cover your character, so that you won’t be stumbled by anyone, but you can still be moved.

force shield emote icon
force shield emote


beast lightening emote
beast lightening emote icon

Beast Lighting: When used, a cloud will appear, and purple lightning comes out of it; it will strike a random area in front of your character, causing everyone in the area to be stumbled.

BALL Emote

Ball: This turns your character into a volleyball, allowing it to move and dive faster.

ball emote icon
ball emote


mr beast case emote
mr beast case emote icon

Mr. Beast Case: Using this will bring a case to the ground; opponents, if hit or stepped on it, will stumble for a few seconds.


Invisibility: When used, this will make your character invisible for around 5-7 seconds.

invisibility emote icon
invisibility emote


fire punch emote
fire punch emote icon

Fire Punch: it is a reskin of punch emote with fire included in animation.

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