Who Created Stumble Guys: How this Journey Began

who created stumble guys

Who created Stumble Guys, The most popular single-player and multiplayer knockout platform game, captured the attention of massive numbers of game players globally. The question arises in many minds about the who developed stumble guys, and they want to know whose idea it was and who were the brains behind the development of such an engaging and creative gameplay.

In this article, we will answer this query who created Stumble Guys who developed Stumble guys and the brainiacs behind it.

Stumble Guys Developers!

Who developed stumble Guys: Stumble Guys was created in Finland by the efforts of a small number of developers led by Olli Lahtinen (also known as Master Kelli), who made a small game studio in 2017. he was desperate to create a game that was fun to play and easy to learn but also should be challenging to master, all this while making sure it was for everyone to play and enjoy without age limits.

He was the creator of the company known by the name Kitka Games in May 2020, which has its headquarters in Kajaani, a town in Finland in the Kainuu Region. It indeed was one of the Fall Guys copies; many copies were circulating the web to earn a few bucks by taking advantage as the game was only available on a few platforms like Consoles and PC, so there was a massive gap for Android players as they were not able to play the game. They wanted this game on their mobiles. Now any one can access and play the game online from Stumble Guys official website.

What Made it Rise! Who created Stumble Guys

who created stumble guys

It was the very first time that Stumble Guys featured online gameplay, which was not available with the other available copies; it also included game-changer additions like a massive variety of skins, ranking, and a Discord server, which helped the game get highlighted at the right places. Social Media Influencers were hired to get the word out for Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys didn’t cut the corners, very simple game play just download and start playing the game, no manuals no instructions are required, and the mechanics are wonderful, colors are lively and vibrant, they did collaboration’s, including with celebrities, NBA and hot wheels etc. They keep on adding the features and improving them In a very short span of time. Maps were added and updated, skins, footsteps, Emotes were the little cherries on top. They did frequent competitions and tournaments, these planning and efforts were the reason of this huge success of Stumble Guys.

Updates Are Important!

Game updates were continuous every month even though it didn’t establish a considerable fan base until the game came into the spotlight in 2022 in May, and thankfully, due to all these efforts, the game finally became known and acceptable in gaming communities; since then, a massive number of players were added, and update release becomes faster. They took the feedbacks positively and worked on the flaws tirelessly. Who created stumble guys and who did the rest to achieve this success is clearly evident now.

The Big Acquisition!

who developed stumble guys

Later on, Stumble Guys was acquired by Scopely, Inc. on September 8, 2022; this acquisition made news on the media all over the Globe, and Stumble Guys started having more and more constant updates bringing lots of tournaments, events, customizable character options, etc. Sources revealed that a small section was created for Stumble Guys dedicated to the sole purpose of Stumble Guy’s success.

Final Note!

Even though it was a small team, Kitka Games succeeded in developing a masterpiece that, to date, has been a reason for joy and entertainment for a massive number of people around the Globe! Stumble Guys is a living proof of dedicated efforts and creativity at its peak.

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